Thursday, December 23, 2010

just a short update

so fast...almost 1 year alr, for this blog, which collect my love story.....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy birthday n Happy Valentine to u..

Thx alot of ur care for me or this 1 more years.. i know i always fa pi qi, n wan u always k me.. But, u is my bf which i love so much..before that all, i also dun hv this feel... Hope we can go Bora-Bora island at future, this is our promise. N i will enjoy this new year although u dun hv at ti n langkap. Valentine no nit pass, is ok for me, cz every day also is valentine day for we both. Really thx u, n lastly i wan say.....


Hope u like this blog, which i gift u as valentine present, is it prefect for deliver???


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bek home for cny

We go bek hometown today n fetch fai n mc also. All the car full. Really so serious, dun know y so many things!!

2day really so tried, n town alr starting got so many cars. Traffic abit jam, 2ml will be more jam..once a year, is like tat.

Ur birthday n Valentine is coming......................

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Funny ting at 107

Fai caught MC eat at ur bed by 2 pic, so many ppl comment n some more MC say he yun wong. But also got both pic as bukti. N this morning when I bek ur house, c he slep on ur bed also.

This is last night we at Kampar, cz 2ml will bek hometown for new year. Den I decide that celebrate ur birthday by tonight. But, u scold me n say that I dun wan pass birthday so early. We pla go Vegas eat dinner, but full. Disappointed. Then, we go to old eat dong bo rou, also nice. But when I bek home, I stomach pain.

I fa pi qi again, cz u chat with ur cousin. She ask u about hp thing, but when I ask u u also din straight go search info, but she got. Haiz..nvm la..i wan be big gas.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

BBQ Chu Yok Gon

Ytd u dream that I dun wan u anymore, n run to with other guy. Because u say u buy a shoe to me. U really think too much. But, u look so serious but for me juz funny. Dun think too much.. I most love u..

When the last class, I know that later night got assign discussion, but when I reach home, u tel me that later Yik Hung call us bbq chu yok gon. U laugh me that I cant go, but I quickly say that I dun wan go discusion n I wan go bbq, u say me again, say me tamak makan.

But before that, we go having our dinner 1st, 1st time go but maybe is last time go also, wan wait so long time juz wait a mee come, some more no really so nice.
Bek home, start our bbq, built fire also use a long time alr, n wan wait the chu yok gon, so we use 2 more hours finish the bbq but juz only 10 pieces. 1st time bbq it, n eat a fresh chu yok gon also, nice..



Whole body also bbq smell, bek home finish bath den go sleep le, they stil go dagei, luckily u is good boy…more sek u la..muackszzzz…..

Monday, February 8, 2010

Ipoh again

2day, we like normal go to class early morning. When we finish class, I said that later I dun wan go class. Lazy.. then u so so so quickly say ‘ let us go ipoh lor ’. I so excited, n hug u 996!

We decide having our lunch at Sushi King. Really so hungry, whole morning din eat anything. But, eat til half we both also feel so full alr… Become ‘ fei po na na ’ again…But latest u also din say me fat, abit happy lar…wuhaha…

Den we start our shopping time, along this shopping, we buy so many many things n look so sweet. I buy a shoe n one couple shirt n u but 2 t-shirt which include couple shirt n a belt. We walked all the parade n also parkson for this 3hours only. Although juz using 3hours and walked the entire mall, but we also can buy shirt n not juz one n can court so many. Maybe we got target n also we got prepare wat we wan. Happy..Sometimes, I shopping whole day also can buy anything.

The couple shirt really so nice, n I so love it. So beauty when we testing n stand in front of the mirror. Secocoknya… After that, we having our dinner at MCD, but me juz eat ice cream…I m on diet…hehe..

When chatting with CY, we send the pic to him, showing our couple teens. He also say nice n ask us where to buy n how much. N u this naughty boy takes the price label to him. Tat write one tshirt RM89.90. He say us is it cheat him. Conclusion, I so so so like the shirt.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bek Kampar!!

2day, u tel me u bek kampar by urself. Really so boring, i wan drive 45min journey. Along the driving, also nobody chat with me.. But, 2day I really so late to bek Kampar. Almost 6pm juz start car, reach there also 7pm alr. But, late bek also nice. Early bek also nth to do.

2ml alr week4 but like many works waiting me... some more not yet start to do..